Avengers: Infinity War Bonus Features Put Spotlight on Thanos

Infinity War is now available for purchase digitally and arrives on Blu-ray on August 14. For its home media release, Target has a special 4K UHD Blu-ray edition and Best Buy will offer a collectible 4K UHD Blu-Ray steelbook.

The 4K Cinematic Universe Edition’s never-before-seen bonus material grants behind-the-scenes access to MCU members and features the memorable moments when characters first meet, the rationale behind some unexpected on-screen pair-ups, and a funny Super Hero gag reel. Featurettes explore the frighteningly powerful Thanos and two action-packed attempts to prevent his collection of all six Infinity Stones: the struggle on Titan and the massive battle in Wakanda. Deleted scenes and filmmaker commentary reveal even more on-set secrets from Marvel Studios’ monumental undertaking.

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